For over 60 years, Rorisons has been providing soil fertility solutions for farmers across the central North Island. Rorisons has built a reputation for understanding and meeting the individual needs of growers, orchardists and farmers throughout the region.

Quality agricultural solutions in New Zealand. Our lime and fertiliser products are renowned for their consistency and quality, delivering timely, effective results for pastoral, cropping and horticultural growers, year in year out.

More and more farmers are recognising the economic and environmental value of applying only the nutrients that are required on their farm. Rather than a standard mix, Rorisons blend lime and fertiliser mixes, to produce applications tailored to every nutrient need.

Rorisons supply the spectrum of fertiliser and soil conditioning needs from high purity ag-lime to blends containing the full range of nutrients required. From conventional to organic to biological and regenerative solutions, Rorisons can provide you with what you want.

Our highly skilled field and agronomy team are well experienced in farm system maintenance and improvement as well as the requirements to grow productive pastures and great crops. If you would like a meaningful discussion on your situation and nutritional needs, please give us a call. Rorisons are here to help


Sourced from one of the country’s highest quality lime sources, Rorisons AgLime is the solution for helping boost farm productivity. AgLime has a minimum calcium carbonate content of 93%, helping correct soil pH and unlock nutrients otherwise bound up.
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Rorisons understand no two farms’ fertility needs are the same – AgriBlends gives farmers the opportunity to base a custom fertiliser mix, high quality agricultural lime, with the addition of specific trace elements and minerals. AgriBlend helps target specific mineral deficiencies and maintain an ideal environment through soil conditioning and mineral balances.
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One of Rorison’s longest standing and most popular products, CalciMag takes the best of two key nutrients, calcium and magnesium, and puts them into one high quality product. Available in a range of Lime:Magnesium ratios, CalciMag offers a solution to soil, livestock and pasture health. CalciMag boosts pasture Magnesium levels, improving animal health, while soil health is also boosted with CalciMag’s combination of key nutrients.
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Thanks to its BioGro certification, Rorisons Organic range ensures farmers can meet their organic and regenerative farming requirements, and have effective AgLime and soil conditioning products – whether that is as a custom blended product or as a simple standard lime. Rorisons Organic products are recognised as a high quality solution for organic growers seeking peace of mind for crop, pasture and animal health.
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