About Rorisons RMD

Rorisons: Six Decades of Agricultural Excellence in the North Island

Since our inception, Rorisons has proudly stood as a beacon of agricultural excellence in the North Island. As a third-generation, family-owned venture, our roots run deep, spanning an impressive 60-year journey dedicated to supplying top-tier lime-based and blended fertiliser products.

Throughout the ever-evolving landscape of New Zealand’s agricultural sector, we’ve meticulously observed, learned, and adapted. We’ve borne witness to the shifting soil fertility needs of our nation’s dedicated farmers and growers. And rather than adopting a generic, “one-size-fits-all” approach, we’ve always believed in the power of bespoke solutions. Our expertise lies in recognizing individual soil fertility requirements and ensuring the right solutions are identified and effectively applied.

At the heart of our business are Mike and Rona Rorison. Their unwavering commitment to the Rorisons’ vision has fostered long-standing, and fruitful relationships with our clients. Our flagship products, such as Rorison’s CalciMag and Aglime, along with our innovative blended offerings, are well known within the industry. Their distinction? An unmatched level of purity and effectiveness that consistently delivers results.

Mike Rorison would tell you: “As the agricultural world advances, the need for optimal applications of top-grade products that tread lightly on the environment, yet do not compromise on pasture or crop performance, is paramount. This is now a cornerstone for many of our client businesses.” He continues, “Our promise is unwavering. We remain dedicated to meeting these pressing needs with our high-purity lime and premier blended fertiliser solutions tailored for our farmers.”