The RMD Legacy began in 1950 when Ian and Nora Rorison founded the transport company IM Rorison Ltd. Based in Tokoroa, they transported fertiliser and timber in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions, with the company finally relocating to Tauranga in 1957 and changing their name to Rorison Mainline Ltd.

In the mid 60's, the company started to manufacture product at the Aria Lime quarry in the King Country, 10 km outside of Pio Pio, quickly establishing themselves as leading suppliers of quarried lime and serpentine product throughout the North Island. The company was restructured in 1971, and became known as Rorison Mineral Developments (RMD) and relocated to Mount Maunganui.

When Rorisons founder, Ian Rorison, passed away in the early 1980s, the running of the business was left to Gary and Marshall Rorison on behalf of the Rorison family. In 1993, Gary and his wife Sue made the decision to purchase the company - comprising of the lime quarry and mining operation and the fleet of bulk trucks - from the rest of the family.

Eventually nearly a decade on Gary sold the transport division of the company to Mark Sherson of Sherson Contractors who now trade as RMD Transport. RMD Transport continue to have a close relationship with the family business and continue to deliver Rorisons RMDs' manufactured product.

Upon the sudden death of Gary Rorison in 2004, Mike Rorison, one of Gary and Sue's sons, took over the running of the company on behalf of the Rorison family. 2005 marked the year Mike, with his wife Rona, would follow tradition and buy the company, making them the third generation to take over ownership.

Today Rorisons continues in the supply of calcium based products across the Central North Island. Rorisons prides itself on the relationships built with farmers, and the knowledge and expertise they can provide in producing and supplying excellent products.

The company commenced trading as Rorisons RMD Ltd on the 1st of April 2008.


Quarry in the 60's


Quarry present day


Original Trucks

Modern Trucks

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